Lick the Spoon Production Week 3/10/2011 – 7/10/2011

Evaluation of Production week – Lick the spoon


On the week commencing 3rd October 2011 my peers and I met at Corsham college for a briefing by Matthew Short on behalf of his company ‘Lick the Spoon’ which is a relatively small company trying to get off the ground as it is in its first few years.


The briefing itself was quite long (about 2 hours) and the information we managed to extract from the client was very vague and far too broad for us to come up with a plan. Therefore we had to deliberate amongst the group of first and second years for three whole days. This was not ideal because we had a very short turn around time as it was.


We brainstormed ideas to come up with a concept, starting with understanding the companies key importances. We were in small groups to start with brainstorming ideas – we came up with some reasonable ideas but were struggling, consequently we decided to come together as one large ‘super team’ where we had a lot of ideas. This proved to be better and gave our creative personalities a chance to really bounce off each other.


We came up with the idea of rebranding the company with bold colours which would make them stand out from the crowd in the chocolate business. We wanted to show consistency in all the products which is a great asset to a business. Also the two main points we took from the brief was that they took pride in their quirky and luxurious elements in their products.


The team then assigned roles, we had a team of researchers, designers, video production and three team leaders. The director was Nathan, Creative director was Orlando and I was Art Director. This meant that the three of us had to keep the others in check and make sure they all had roles with things they could be getting on with.


As I was in charge of the art and look of what we were producing, I was in charge of the designers. I was a designer for the website and I had a couple of designers from the first year who I was really impressed with. They showed professionalism in the way they listened and behaved and produced some really good work, let alone they were only in the first couple of weeks of their course!


The Thursday was the day that was most pressured because we had to get all of our assets together and structure them int an orderly presentation where the client had to understand the concept. It took a lot of deliberation and hard work but we managed to get it all together and produce a flowing, confident pitch. Orlando and I were the front men for the pitch and it went very well, the client seemed pleased and took some of the ideas onboard.


I learnt a lot from the production week and have achieved some new skills in leadership and team work. I think we all worked well as a team which I value and it has helped me with confidence for the future.



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